Our Standards

Committed People

We value our employees as responsible individuals who deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.  We strive for a team environment where employees identify with and share in the success of the organization.
Professional Employees

We are committed to a well-trained force that performs its duties in a knowledgeable, ethical and technically competent manner.  Career opportunities and added responsibility are given to those who consistently meet professional work standards.
Customer Focus

We value our clients and make an extended effort to be responsible to their needs.   It is our intent to provide quality insurance products and services, delivered with professional courtesy and pride.
Sales Focus

We believe it is imperative to grow within our market, seeking new business relationships and an expanded customer base while offering additional products and services to our established clients.

We recognize the advantages of being associated with a financially strong organization.   We are responsible to the organization and its personnel to return a fair profit for our services.